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Arts in Healing

The Kentucky Center Arts in Healing Program

The Kentucky Center partners with Kentucky's vibrant arts scene and Louisville's renowned healthcare providers, selecting professional local artists, providing them with intensive training from national and regional trainers, and designing individualized programs for healthcare facilities and programs around the needs of patients, family and staff.

The Kentucky Center brings instrumental music, vocal music, storytelling, dance, drama, and visual art to patients healing from substance abuse, movement disorders, the wounds of war, children recovering from physical and emotional abuse and abandonment, seniors embracing the end of life, families dealing with homelessness and patients undergoing cancer treatment. Benefits of the program include creative self-expression, relief from pain and anxiety, and empowerment in an environment where patients and families often have little control. Patients, health workers and caregivers have all praised the program for providing positive experiences during difficult times.

Arts in Healing partners include Our Lady of Peace, Nazareth Home, The Robley Rex VA Medical Center, the Warrior Transition Battalion at Fort Knox, Volunteers of America, The James Graham Brown Cancer Center, Frazier Rehabilitation Institute, Norton Audubon Hospital, Home of the Innocents, Catholic Charities, Seven Counties Services and Hope Scarves.

To learn more about The Kentucky Center Arts in Healing, contact Kristen Hughes, Director, (502) 566-5197.

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“As I wanted to take a few moments to thank you for all of the wonderful things you are doing for our Veterans at Robley Rex Veterans’ Medical Center here in Louisville, KY through the Arts in Healing Program. We serve Veterans from all eras and it is often difficult to put together group activities that are beneficial to the twenty-eight year old suffering from PTSD as well as the seventy-two year old suffering from dementia. This is what is so beautiful about the programming you provide through music and the visual arts. The arts speak to all ages and are a wonderful medium for expression regardless of the psychiatric diagnosis. Many of our patients have shared moments of true break through following the activities provided by your staff. The opportunities that this program has created for both the patients and the staff on the inpatient mental health unit are priceless. The activities have broadened the ways that the staff interact with the Veterans they serve and have really opened up opportunities for therapeutic communication. This is where healing and recovery occur in mental health, through the therapeutic conversations that are held and verbal processing of emotions and art and music facilitate this process in such a magnificent way. You are providing peace, education, a mode for recovery, friendship, inspiration, and hope to all that have come in contact with your staff members. Thank you from the very bottom of our hearts! I hope this program is available to us for many years to come.”

Laura Y. William, RN/BSN/CCRN
Nurse Manager Inpatient Psychiatric Services

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