Arts in Healing

The Kentucky Center partners with Kentucky's vibrant arts scene and Louisville's renowned healthcare providers, selecting professional local artists, providing them with intensive training from national and regional trainers, and designing individualized programs for healthcare facilities and programs around the needs of patients, family and staff.

The Kentucky Center brings instrumental music, vocal music, storytelling, dance, drama, and visual art to patients healing from substance abuse, movement disorders, the wounds of war, children recovering from physical and emotional abuse and abandonment, seniors embracing the end of life, families dealing with homelessness and patients undergoing cancer treatment. Benefits of the program include creative self-expression, relief from pain and anxiety, and empowerment in an environment where patients and families often have little control. Patients, health workers and caregivers have all praised the program for providing positive experiences during difficult times.

Arts in Healing partners include Our Lady of Peace, Nazareth Home, The Robley Rex VA Medical Center, the Warrior Transition Battalion at Fort Knox, Volunteers of America, The James Graham Brown Cancer Center, Frazier Rehabilitation Institute, Norton Audubon Hospital, Home of the Innocents, Catholic Charities, Seven Counties Services and Hope Scarves.

To learn more about The Kentucky Center Arts in Healing, email Kristen Hughes, Director, or call at (502) 566-5197.

patient testimonials

Patient Testimonials

Mother at VoA Family Emergency Shelter: “Fun to spend time to do stuff with my kids. My son said he had a headache all day & it went away while doing art.”

Patient during Chemotherapy at Brown Cancer: “I have experienced both the violin and cello. It was more than music--both of the musicians had warm smiles that lifted spirits.”

artist testimonials

Artist Testimonials

Paul Carney, guitarist, reported after playing at the VA Hospice Unit: “There was only one patient and his family, but I heard them telling him 'that's live music, that's for you." After about 20 minutes, he actually came out into the hall and stood and listened for a few minutes. We talked briefly, and then he went back into his room. His daughter came out later and said, "He just couldn't believe that was for him."”

Staff Testimonials

Facility Staff Testimonials

Our Lady of Peace staff about a drumming session with Gregory Acker:

A million times thanks for this opportunity. The patients here at Crossroads South as well as staff enjoyed the lesson given by Gregory A. He was informative and had high energy. Often the patient complain that group therapy focus too much on boring and depressing topics. As an adolescent clinician it is hard to come up with new topics that are therapeutic as well as enjoyable. The African Drumming lesson I feel was just that, therapeutic and enjoyable. A very welcomed change to our program, I saw kids during this session that never talk up alert, engaged and displaying a bright affect. Patients who struggle socially during this session were up moving around and singing (fully participating). As a clinician this session warmed my heart as well gave me a break from therapy. Again thank you thank you a million times over.