Application 2019

GSA Summer Program Deadline

Friday, January 11 at 12 midnight

The GSA team will be in the office Friday January 11 until 5:30pm Eastern
to make sure that all applicants feel as supported as possible!


A quick note about recommendations.
If your recommender hasn’t completed their request; remind them of the following:

-- the request will come from AcceptdSupport, not GSA

-- the email subject line will be “Documentation requested”

-- sometimes this ends up in people’s spam or junk folder, so check there

And don’t worry—if you’re working up until the 11th hour  this Friday
and have a non-recommendation technical issue (such as a video not uploading) you can contact Acceptd for assistance.

Email: Phone: 1.888.725.2122, press 2

We know you want to make your application perfect,
so if you have issues late on January 11—know that we’ll be back in the office
bright and early Monday morning on January 14 beginning at 8:30am Eastern to help out.

We're so excited for everyone applying to GSA in 2019!

Keep working hard and good luck!

Summer Program 2019