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The Governor’s School for the Arts prides itself on excellence: the excellence of our many alumni and the excellence of the program itself.  Though GSA students attend the summer program for free, the program comes with a price tag.  Tuition, room, board and supplies cost approximately $3,800 per student for over 200 students each summer.

In addition to the summer program, GSA serves students year-round and across the state through ArtShops and Masterclasses held at various locations in Kentucky.  These opportunities not only provide students, parents and teachers a chance to learn more about GSA, but they also begin to or continue to build creative and artistic infrastructure in communities where arts education is sparse, if existent at all.

GSA has a wish list:

  • We want to afford more students the opportunity to attend our summer program and ArtShops.
  • We want to add more art forms, a second campus and a fourth week to our summer program.
  • We want to conduct additional programming in areas with limited arts education.
  • We want to continue building our alumni network of creative and involved citizens who are actively making the world a better and more beautiful place.
  • Most importantly, we want to offer an unparalleled opportunity for young artists…and with your help, we will!

If you would like to support GSA, click the large “Donate Today” button on this page, peruse this section of our website, or make a check payable to the Governor’s School for the Arts and mail it to:

Governor’s School for the Arts
501 W. Main Street
Louisville, KY 40202

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