Prepare Your Resume & Headshot


  • Your resume should stand out from the others.  Remember that the evaluators have hundreds of resumes to review each year; make yours memorable.  We suggest using the basic sample resumes we have included, browsing the internet for good formats or review some of the ones you may have received at the summer program from your faculty.
  • Combine all information to one page.  Evaluators rarely read past the first page. 
  • Information about your academic and professional history must be instantly visible. List the most recent first, following a descending chronological order.
  • List your training, number of years, school(s) attended and person(s) with whom you have studied.  Also, be sure to include training or experience in an art form other than your own, if available. Be sure to list your training at GSA (“The Kentucky Center Governor's School for the Arts”).
  • Include as many major roles, publications, performances and exhibitions as possible within the one-page format.
  • Easy to read fonts and type sizes (nothing under 10 pt) help facilitate reading. In general, use white space well and do not use colored paper or colored type.
  • Include all awards, scholastic honors, professional experience, community service activities, extracurricular involvement and other related work experience. 
  • You must emphasize your academic training. Evaluators are interested in your course of study, GPA and college entrance exam scores (SAT, ACT). These elements are as much a part of the evaluation as the audition. While individual college and university departments have their own requirements for admission, you must meet the basic academic requirements for admission to any college or university.
    Remember, the evaluators are interested in the whole person, not just the artist.

Photo Guidelines for Headshots

  • Always include a photo.  An 8 x 10 headshot with your résumé printed on the back is best. You may also attach a photo (glue, tape, staples, etc.) to  the back of your résumé. Trim the edges of the photo to fit the picture if need be. Please do not use paperclips to adhere photos to résumés.
  • Dancers: Observe the following for your pictures: no jewelry, wear a solid color leotard, wear minimal make-up, no props or distractions, no performance photos and hair off the face.
  • ALL PERFORMERS: your headshot need not be professional photography but it should be recent.  There is no advantage to having a professional photo vs. a non-professional photo. What is most important is that you present yourself as accurately and professionally as you are able!
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