September Alumni Highlights

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Black Classical Artists of Louisville opening event on November 5th will include. GSA Faculty and Alums. Soprano, Shareese Arnold; Dancer, Theresa Bautista; and Soprano, Brittany Benningfield (Vocal Music, 2001). The Event will take place at Louisville historic Central Presbyterian Church.

GSA Faculty member, Theresa Bautista is performing at the Big River Dance Festival  on Saturday, Sept 23. She'll be doing a solo to Shayla Lawson's (Creative Writing, 1999) poem "I am a pretty girl". Information can be found at

Mary Kate Elliott (Creative Writing, 2010) was chosen to be the Nonfiction Editor of an online literary magazine called Lemon Star! The magazine's website will launch fully in October,. Submissions open on November 1st.

Sage Martin's (Drama, 2007) play's "Amplitude (Or Such a Pretty Face)"  was given a staged reading at Theater Schmeater on Wednesday, September 27.

Sunny Ra (Visual Art) has a solo exhibit on display at the new location for Quills Coffee (802  E. Main Street, Louisville). The opening reception will be on Friday, October 6.

Taylor Schulz (Drama, 2008) and Samuel Lockrdige  (Musical Theatre, 2006) have just opened their newest immersive theatre installation in Lexington, entitled, "Trinity." It is at the historic Loudoun House, home of Lexington Art League for one more week. Their company, Afterculture Theatre was granted an artist residency there this summer. 

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