October Faculty of the Month: Architecture + Design

Richards-MarkMark Richards

Mark Richards is an architectural designer currently based in New York City. He is a GSA alumnus and former Discipline Assistant. Mark received a Master of Architecture from Pratt Institute’s GAUD program, and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture from the University of Kentucky’s College of Design. Mark was recently appointed Visiting Assistant Professor at Pratt Institute and has instructed graduate architecture and undergraduate industrial design students. Mark’s current work investigates digital experimentation and contemporary production techniques. Through an iterative design practice and a familiarity with digital fabrication, Mark has an intimate connection with both process and materiality.  He has contributed to projects including architecture, furniture, fashion, sculpture, and installation pieces. Mark utilizes algorithmic, combinatorial, and parametric systems to creat formed and informed compositions. Mark has contributed to exhibition work in Brooklyn, Lexington, Louisville, and Manhattan; including a number of private galleries, institutions and New York Fashion Week.  Mark’s design experience has contributed to practice and research in cities throughout the world including; Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Geneva, Istanbul, London, Miami, New Orleans, New York, Oslo, Paris, Rome, Tel Aviv, Sydney and a cruise ship.


Hines, JordanJordan Hines
Jordan Hines is an architectural designer living in Lexington, Kentucky.  Before co-founding his small design practice Informal Office, he practiced architecture in Houston, Louisville and Lexington.  His professional experiences range from large workplace interiors to community design and housing developments in growing urban regions.  In addition to his practice, Jordan is currently an instructor of architecture in the College of Design at the University of Kentucky where he focuses on first and second year design studios.  Before completing his Masters in Architecture he studied Anthropology and believes researching the areas of overlap between built and social environments to be crucial in the contemplation and design of buildings.  Blurring the distinction between practice and academia, he seeks to draw closer the relationship between architecture and culture through engagement with real people and real places in the everyday built world.

Jordan and Mark in studio with students during Summer Program 2015.
AD Studio

Photo by Michael Fitzer.