Click to view the 2nd mailing to students in its entirety : Complete GSA Packet for 2017

You can also click below to download a specific form or document. 

2017 GSA  Letter To Students

2017  GSA Student Handbook

2017 GSA Parent Understanding and Commitment Form

2017 GSA Medical Workbook (including Physical Form)
If you haven't been yet, take this workbook with you when you go to the doctor or other service provider (urgent care, clinics at the pharmacy or grocery store).  Please note this physical need not be an annual/comprehensive exam, but merely what's referred to as a "camp" or "sports" physical. 

2017 Student Media Release 

2017 Statistics & Demographics

2017 Religious Services Form

2017 Mentor Nomination Form

2017 Athletic Equipment Permission Form

2017 Letter to Parents

2017 How To Be A Rock Star GSA Parent

2017 Pay It Forward Donation Billing Info

2017 Ad Flyer

2017 Second Mailing Checklist
For reference only. This document need not be mailed back with student paperwork.