Summer Program Application Recommendations FAQ

Is there a recommendation process for the Summer Program application?

Yes. Students must acquire both a teacher and administrator recommendation for each applied art form (so, up to 4 recommendations if applying in 2 art forms). By providing contact information through Acceptd, your recommenders will respond to a link within an email to get to an online form.


Who can submit a recommendation on my behalf?

Teacher recommendations must come from a teacher in the art form at school or from outside school (including private instructors, directors or coaches).


Administrator recommendations must come from someone in leadership at school such as a principal, assistant principal, guidance counselor, GT coach or career counselor.  If your school has an administration structure different from this (and only if it is different) a recommendation from a community leader will suffice.  A community leader can be a leader at a community organization (e.g. Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts), someone at your religious organization, an administrator at your homeschool’s co-op etc.

How does the recommendation process work?

While it is a great idea to go ahead and formally ask your recommenders if they will write or complete a form for you in advance, applicants will actually complete the process within the Acceptd application portal this year.  An applicant will be prompted to enter the email and name of each of their recommenders.  Once this first part of the application is submitted, those recommenders will receive an email to let them know they have a recommendation form to complete through Acceptd. (Please note: this email will come from Acceptd, not GSA).


What's required for the recommendation? How should my recommender prepare?

Teachers and administrators alike will be sent an emailed link from Acceptd once a student submits the first part of their application. The link goes to a general form.  The form for a teacher is different than the form for an administrator. The questions posed to teachers will center on a student's artistry and involvement in their art form while those posed to administrators will discuss the student as a person. Both forms are comprised of several rating scale-style questions with a small, optional text box at the very end. With a student's file, the forms for both teacher and administrator can be completed in a matter of minutes.  


My student goes to a huge school.  Their administrator doesn’t know them well enough to complete a recommendation. What now?

The administrator recommendation form is general in nature and can be filled out by administrators of big and small schools utilizing a student’s file. The administrator recommendation doesn’t have to speak to the student’s artistry, but more so their participation as a student.


My student doesn’t have an instructor in school or outside school in their artform. What do we do?

If at all possible, please try to obtain a teacher recommendation from an actual art form teacher.  This could be a former teacher; it need not be a current one (e.g. your student just moved schools). It can also be an instructor outside of school (private tutor or someone with whom they work in a community setting).


I’m a teacher or administrator. Can the applicant view my submission?

As in years past, all recommendations are kept confidential. The applicant will receive only an email notification that the recommendation has been completed.


The deadline for application is January 12.  What if my student submits their application on January 12? Will they be disqualified for not having my recommendation yet?

There will be a grace period of a week or so for teachers and administrators to complete recommendation requests following the application deadline. Students whose applications are still awaiting recommendations will not be disqualified.

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