Attend A Prep Workshop

What Is A Prep Workshop?

Before submitting a Preliminary Round application for Summer Program, consider attending a GSA Prep Workshop.  While it is totally optional and definitely not a requirement to apply, it can help you assess where you are in your art form and help answer questions you may have.

Each fall and winter, GSA schedules workshops in communities throughout Kentucky.  The purpose of these workshops is to provide high school freshmen, sophomores and juniors interested in applying for GSA Summer Program with the opportunity to spend a day preparing items for the Preliminary Round Application in a facility close to their hometown.

Workshops are conducted by the region’s most outstanding teaching artists in nine arts disciplines that include architecture + design, creative writing, dance, drama, instrumental music, musical theatre, film + photography, visual art and vocal music. 

GSA staff cover the specifics of the Summer Program during an information session which is also open to educators, advocates and families. In-depth (but optional) Q&A follow the session.

Participation in a Prep Workshop does not affect the odds of a student's application being forwarded on to Final Round nor a student’s chance of being accepted into the GSA Summer Program, but it can help a student be more prepared for both. 



There is a registration fee of $10.00 for students to supplement the overall cost of the prep workshop. Free and reduced lunch registrants have the opportunity to opt out of the registration fee. Payment information is included in the registration form.

Parents, teachers, counselors and other friends of GSA do not pay a registration fee but are welcome to attend as well.  Educators who participate in a GSA prep workshop may be eligible for EILA or professional development credit hours.

Registration for Prep Workshops will launch in October along with the Preliminary Round Application.

Additional Prep Resources & Opportunities Sponsored By Friends Of GSA May Exist In Your Area!

Check this growing list out HERE!


If you're attending a GSA prep workshop and require any access services or accommodations please give us a call  at 502.566.5192 or send us an email!


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