Glossary of Terms for New Application Process

Application and Digital Submission, aka Preliminary Round

This is the initial period of GSA’s new application process (November  - January) All students will upload digital submissions into the Acceptd application system during this round. At the end of February, GSA will post the names of students moving on to the final round. All students will receive an email confirmation.


In Person Audition or Review, aka Final Round 

A student who advances past the preliminary round is invited to the Final Round, an in-person audition or review at Centre College in Danville, KY on March 24 or 25. On April 15, GSA will post the names of Summer Program Accepted and Alternate students. All students will receive an email or mail confirmation                


A student who advances past the preliminary round is deemed a finalist.


Digital Submission

Submitted in the Preliminary Round, students upload their digital submission as described by their art form requirements. (e.g. images, video clips, word documents, etc.)


In-Person Audition or Review

In the Final round, students attend an in-person audition or review. Specific requirements have been posted about how to prepare for this in person final round on each art form’s page.



Are art form specific and depict what you need to submit either for the Digital Submission or In-Person Audition or Review.



Is the specific guide to how the Digital Submission and In-Person Audition or Review will be judged.



Are best practices and helpful hints on preparing your Digital Submission and for your In-Person Audition or Review.



The digital platform that administers GSA’s online application system.