Arts-Literacy Integration Academy

Exploring form and rhythm in music and literacy

for teachers of Music, Arts & Humanities, English/LA in grades 8-12 (see Eligibility below)

Danville, June 19-22

The April 15 Deadline has passed and we are no longer accepting applications. For further information, please contact Cecilia Reyna at 

 “The Academy empowered me to integrate the arts into my teaching, a new development for me as a classroom teacher… My students are hands on learners and this enhanced their understanding.  I feel that continued professional development in the arts is the only logical way to improve instruction and student learning. I am very grateful for the opportunity of attending the Art Academy…”


In this newly-designed Academy, we will explore connections between music and English language arts at the high school level, with a focus on rhythm and form.  For example, there are poems written in AABB form, as are movements of Bach violin partitas.  How can students deepen their understanding of syllabic emphasis in literature like Macbeth through drumming and movement?  How can this process extend to rhythm in contemporary Spoken Word?  How can students gain an understanding of a complex structure like Sonata form, when presented as the harmonic unfolding of a journey that parallels timeless journey stories such as Appalachian Jack Tales or Homer's Odyssey?  In this Academy, we will provide strong literacy connections for music teachers and strong music integration connections for English teachers.  Now open to teachers in grades 8-12 (see below for Eligibility).


Monday through Thursday, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM.  On the final day, teachers will develop a plan for lessons or units that they will teach in the coming school year. 


Kentucky public high school teachers of Music and Arts & Humanities (choir, band, orchestra, music, and/or arts & humanities) and English/Language Arts teachers are eligible to apply.  Preference will be given to teams of teachers applying from the same school (one music teacher, one English/Language Arts teacher).  EXPANDED ELIGIBILITY: Now also open to teachers of 8th grade advanced and gifted students.

Stipends and Credit

Teachers may receive $100 per day stipend, or they may elect to receive PD credit as allowed by their district (six hours per day) instead of the stipend. 

Questions?  Contact Cecilia Reyna at 502-566-5151 or (email preferred).