Academy for the Integration 

of Arts, Spanish Language, and Cultural Studies

Exploring our own culture and world cultures through language and the arts

Ashland (July 24-25) or Hazard (July 27-28)

The April 15 Deadline has passed and we are no longer accepting applications. For further information, please contact Cecilia Reyna at 

“Attending the Academy is always a positive experience for me. Specifically, this year, I took away resources and ideas to try something I wasn’t particularly comfortable with: the Spanish language. By the time the Academy ended, I was so immersed in the Spanish language and creating arts lessons that afterward I felt much more comfortable integrating the world language piece into my lesson plans.”


Hosted by educational cooperatives, we will present a pair of two-day Academies, one in Ashland and one in Hazard.  These Academies are intended for districts that have limited or no world language program at the elementary school level, so we are recruiting pairs of teachers from the same district that include a high school Spanish Teacher and an elementary school Arts Teacher.  The goal of this Academy is to develop collaboration that begins to introduce Spanish language and cultural studies into the elementary schools, while building capacity for the high school Spanish teachers in Arts Integration.  The content will focus on how we can learn about Appalachian culture and Spanish-speaking cultures through the arts and world languages. Dates: Ashland July 24-25, Hazard July 27-28.


Each two-day Academy will include ways to incorporate Spanish language and culture into the elementary arts classroom, and ways to integrate the arts into Spanish high school classes.  We will explore at least one culture from a Spanish-speaking country as well as connections to Appalachian culture.  


Preference will be given to teams of teachers from the same district that include a high school Spanish teacher and an elementary school arts teacher (any art form).  Teacher teams should attend the same Academy together.  Teachers may not attend both Academies, since they are the same design at two different sites.  Please note, the application form first asks for the school name and address – please list the elementary school in the form.  The high school Spanish teacher will have an opportunity to provide information about his/her school later in the form

Stipends and Credit

Teachers may receive $100 per day stipend, or they may elect to receive PD credit as allowed by their district (six hours per day) instead of the stipend.  Teachers will receive continuing support through the KDE and the educational cooperatives in the school year following the Academy. 

Questions?  Contact Cecilia Reyna at 502-566-5151 or (email preferred).