"Embrace the Danger of New Ideas" at IdeaFestival 2016 (Sept. 27-30)
Ideafestival 2016
The IdeaFestival maintains the belief that individuals don't have to be geographically or socially privileged to have great ideas and create positive change.

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With the motto "Stay Curious", IF2016 will take place in downtown Louisville September 27-30. The majority of the daytime sessions take place at The Kentucky Center (501 W. Main Street, Louisville 40202). In addition to the core conference sessions, IF2016 also includes a menu of optional affiliate events.

Thrivals (September 27)
IF events (Taste, Ideas Night Out, Club IF...) and affiliate events

Each year, the IdeaFestival celebrates innovation, creativity, imagination, disruption, and collaboration. Exposure to a wide range of ideas, presented by thought-leaders, artists, scientists, etc., create unique opportunities for discussion, idea generation, and relationship-building by attendees. 

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