Our vision is to inspire, educate and entertain, building lifelong relationships with the arts.

The Kentucky Center is proud to offer a value-driven culture for its employees. We strive to support organizational effectiveness through staff training and professional development opportunities. The courses we offer provide Kentucky Center employees with benchmark leadership values, language and skills, supportive of The Kentucky Center’s vision, mission and strategic imperatives. Our employees, our strongest brand ambassadors, are engaged, empowered and valued through our recognition culture. Each and every employee exhibits our core values by being inclusive, collaborative, innovative, passionate, connected leaders.

Every member of The Kentucky Center contributes to creating a truly unique and vibrant organization that aspires to exhibit these values in all that we do:

  • Inclusive - We embrace and leverage the diversity of all team members, stakeholders, art forms and audiences
  • Collaborative - We know that it takes a well-rehearsed orchestra to play a symphony; with every member working together and being a pro at playing their part
  • Innovative - We set the stage for what's next
  • Passionate - We are inspired by our work and find joy in our efforts and share that passion with all
  • Connected- We trust and rely on each other; and when we come together we find reasons to celebrate
  • Leaders - We are all accountable leaders; instead of looking to others, we first look inward and ask

We at The Kentucky Center are especially proud of the Barnes Human Resources Center. This multi-use facility serves as a technology equipped training space, a staff meeting and ideation center and a place where we encourage casual collisions to take place amongst various staff and a diverse array of departments. Beyond that, the BHRC serves as our Human Resources library where employees can check out books on a wide range of topics including career development, time management and effective leadership.

Job Opportunities

The Kentucky Center is currently accepting resumes for the following positions:

No positions available at this time

Kentucky Center Internships
*All Kentucky Center internships are paid and provide a wealth of experience as well as class credit. Clicking the link will explain the positions available and how to apply. If you do not see internship listings on this page, it means no internships are currently posted.