Architecture + Design Finalist Reviews


Prepare To Review In Person

 Students recommended to review in person will be notified by February 28

In-Person Reviews will be held March 24 & 25 at Centre College in Danville.

Here’s what to expect in the review.

Design Exercise

Each applicant will be allotted 30 minutes to complete an assigned design exercise. The design exercise will be distributed prior to the personal interview and will need to be completed on site.  Everyone receives the same criteria and material to execute their individual solution.

Portfolio Requirements for Finalist Reviews

The In-Person Architecture + Design portfolio may include but does not require the same pieces presented in the initial application. New pieces created since the application are recommended, but not required.

The In-Person Architecture + Design portfolio should consist of a minimum of 5 total works, a maximum of 10 total works. The following 5 pieces are required:

--an object study (still life)

--a portrait or self-portrait

--an environment (landscape)

--two 3D pieces

The remaining pieces can be selected by the applicant, but again should include a variety of mediums and subject matter.


Those reviewing in person also have the option to present

-- in-process pieces and

--sketch books.