Criteria For Digital Submission 

Architecture + Design


The work of each student will be given an objective review by the adjudicators as to how they fulfill each of the following criteria:

Use of Formal Elements & Design Concepts
The ability at which a student can distinguish and demonstrate successful use of line, value, shapes, forms, space, color, and texture.

Expression of Design Organizational Principles
The level of integration in compositions of balance, contrast, movement, emphasis and proportion which creates meaning within a work.

Technical Craft
Appearance of the rigor in which technique and quality are present in the work.

Originality & Creative Voice
Media choices, style, genre and specific imagery which reflect the applicant's personal background or experience. An ability to distinguish work that is not just a derivative of an assignment; or inventiveness beyond precedent. Originality is assessed in the pieces themselves, the applicant’s descriptions of those pieces and answers to follow up questions by the adjudicators.

Level of Involvement with Materials/Media
The consideration for using a variety of; and techniques which these different media require.