Criteria for the In Person Audition or Review

Architecture + Design


Each applicant will have up to 10 minutes to discuss their portfolio and design exercise with the adjudicators. This is an opportunity for the student to express the qualities of their visual work verbally.

Design Exercise Criteria
The design exercise is intended for each applicant to express their skill in design thinking. This exercise measures their ability to create a process in which an object can be given real or abstract conditions to exist as an object and to consider different capacities for use.

In-Person Review Portfolio Criteria
The in-person review portfolio will be reviewed utilizing the same criteria as the application portfolio.

Additionally, the adjudicators will be interested in how the applicant presents their work through the following.

Artistic Voice & Oral Presentation of Ideas
A finalist's recognition and expression of how their choices in media and techniques correlate and satisfy the designated art form criteria--both in narrative and in answer to questions.