Criteria For Digital Submission Manuscript

The work of each student will be given an objective review by the adjudicators as to how they fulfill criteria within their chosen manuscript category.

Criteria For Fiction, Creative Nonfiction, & Playwriting

Writing Structure
The ability of a student to track character through setting(s) and the rise and fall of action.  The skill to establish a point of view; and conflict or problem resolution based on theme or message. Sophisticated structure helps the reader to wonder what is next. A qualifying manuscript makes the conclusion uncertain until the end then reaches a level of resolution for the reader.

The expertise in writing with descriptive language in service to the story where rhythm is consistent. A qualified manuscript is filled with a range of literary devices: e.g. figures of speech, elaboration, personification, dialogue for conversation, metaphors, parallelisms, etc.

Character Development
A qualified manuscript possesses developed characters through descriptive detail: appearance, relationships, ambitions, weaknesses/strengths.  A character’s communication is developed through dialogue.  The writer creates empathy for a character by revealing factors of relatability or humanization.

Criteria For Poetry

Language and Imagery
A qualified poetry manuscript is written with descriptive language and is populated with intentional and consistent use of imagery.  A range of literary devices (figures of speech, elaboration, personification, dialogue for conversation, metaphors, alliteration, etc.) is also used.

Within the selected manuscript, a command of multiple types of rhythm (meter, iambic pentameter, parallelism, hexameter, tetrameter, etc.) is demonstrated.  Additionally, the tone matches attitude and emotional quality; authenticity is evident and consistent.

Form, or Visual Presentation
The command of multiple forms (line, stanza, verse paragraph, combinations of stanzas or lines) and poetic modes (sonnet, haiku, free verse, etc.) is inherent in a qualified manuscript; although the applicant may have a preference for one over another.