Criteria for In Person Audition or Review

Creative Writing

Each applicant will participate in a group review/interview. The review will be 45 minutes in length. This is an opportunity for the student to express the qualities of their work verbally and interact with potential classmates at GSA Summer Program. The Creative Writing Finalist Review will consist of the following elements:

Manuscript Ranking
An applicant’s manuscript score is a component within the finalist review.  Finalists will either have scored a “3—acceptable” or “4—sophisticated.”  Please review the digital submission criteria for the manuscript here.

Onsite Freewrite
Finalists will participate in a freewrite exercise. The ideal writing sample displays a sophisticated sense of form, voice, and original language.

Questionnaire Responses
A questionnaire will be administered to finalists during the review.  The questionnaire will give a sense of the student’s commitment to both reading and writing.

Interpersonal Communication
Interpersonal communication and interaction with other applicants is a key element of the Creative Writing Finalist Review. Students invited to Summer Program will demonstrate a practiced sense of engagement and social interest in the group environment setting; listening and responding to others with empathy and compassion.  Additionally, a student invited to Summer Program is outwardly focused; viewing their work as separate from self.

Dedication to Writing
While measured directly within the questionnaire; throughout the review the applicant will have the opportunity to expound on their dedication to writing and the practice and interest in its intensive creative study. An applicant invited to Summer Program will convey to the adjudicators this dedication with exceptional clarity.