Creative Writing Finalist Reviews


Prepare To Review In Person

Adjudicators select applicants for finalist reviews from the preliminary scores of the manuscript review. Not all applicants will receive a review, though all students will be notified as to the results. 

Students recommended to review in person will be notified by  February 28

In-Person Reviews will be held  March 24 & 25  at Centre College in Danville.

The Creative Writing In Person Review will consist of the following elements:

Manuscript Review
Each applicant will participate in a group review/interview. The review will be 45 minutes in length. This is an opportunity for the student to express the qualities of their work verbally and interact with potential classmates at GSA Summer Program. 

Onsite Freewrite 
Finalists will participate in a freewrite exercise. 

Questionnaire Responses
A questionnaire will be administered to finalists during the review.  

Additional Tips


  • Interview questions at the finalist review are general in nature, covering such topics as your experience with writing and reading.
  • Be sure to include strong imagery and figurative language in your writing.
  • Develop a mature grasp on language (sensory details, image, rhythm, simile, metaphor) but also be open to trying different styles and genres.
  • Develop a structured consistent writing routine.
  • Read diverse materials and/or see live spoken word/poetry performances of your genre similar to your audition selection.
  • Be prepared to talk about your writing process, editing process, what you are reading, your favorite authors and favorite book.
  • Be prepared to talk about why you are passionate about writing and why you are interested in attending GSA.