At GSA, dancers receive collegiate and professional training that is physically and mentally demanding taught by GSA faculty and by visiting dance professionals. All students receive technique classes in ballet, modern and composition. While the emphasis is on these three areas that include pointe, variations and improvisation, supplemental classes may be taught in other styles of dance such as jazz, hip-hop, character dance, and flamenco depending on schedule. Seminars on injury prevention and care, dance science, cross training, nutrition, dance career options and dance history will also be scheduled. Students will learn, rehearse and perform group choreographic works.

Am I Eligible?


Resident of Kentucky

Sophomore or junior in a Kentucky high school or home school at the time of applying.

(Students attending conservatories outside of the state may be considered, but parents still must be residents of Kentucky).

GPA, SAT or ACT scores are not eligibility requirements for GSA.


How to Apply for Dance


Submit your application, Complete the recommendation process, and 

Prepare & Submit your digital submission online when the application goes live November 15.

 All materials (application, recommendations, digital submission) must be received by January 15.

Application and digital submission will be pre-screened online.

Notification of finalist status will happen February 28.

In-Person Finalist Reviews will be held March 24 & 25 at Centre College in Danville.


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