Dance Finalist Auditions

Prepare to Audition In Person

Students recommended to audition in person will be notified by February 28

In-Person Auditions & Reviews will be held March 24 & 25 at Centre College in Danville.

Here’s what to expect in the audition.

Lasting approximately three hours the master class includes ballet, modern and improvisation.  Although previous experiences in all of those areas are not a requirement for acceptance to GSA; experience in some form of dance style (ballet, modern, jazz, hip hop, etc) and the dance classroom atmosphere is preferred. The dance studio will be open 30 minutes prior to the assigned start time for those wanting to warm-up. The dance auditions will be recorded for use by the faculty in the selection process only and will not be reproduced for other viewing.

Much like the digital submission videos, the ballet portion of class will consist of a traditional ballet barre, center floor exercises and pointe work.  As before, for the safety of those auditioning, applicants must demonstrate sufficient technical strength and development and have two (2) years of pointe technique training before being permitted to participate in the pointe section. You are not required to dance en pointe in order to audition for GSA.

Much like the digital submission videos, the modern portion of the class will consist of a warm-up, center combinations, and movement phrases across the floor.  Additionally, students will be given a prompt for the improvisation portion of the class.

Following the master class students will participate in a small group interview lasting 20-30 minutes. 


What to Wear For Master Class

Women – Pink convertible tights, dark colored leotard, long hair secured in a bun or hair otherwise away from face, ballet shoes (ballet portion only—modern is taken in bare feet).

Men—Dark tights, white t-shirt, ballet shoes (ballet portion only—modern is taken in bare feet).

What to Wear For Interview
Business casual for all dancers.  Please do not wear dance attire or warm-ups for this portion of the finalist audition.