Prepare Your Digital Submission


Your art form specific digital submission must include:

-- Monologue (video file)

-- Optional Special Skill (video file)
-- Personal Question (video file)

You should submit the following for your Drama Digital Submission.

Monologue (1 video, max 90 seconds)
 Introduce yourself and the monologue that you will be performing: “Hello, my name is Barry. I will be
 doing the Gentlemen Caller from Tennessee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie.”

  Your monologue should:

-- be spoken by a character from a published play, rather than a piece of poetry or prose. It can be   dramatic, comedic or anything in between; just make sure you are comfortable with it, like it and feel that you can do it well.  Monologues downloaded from the internet will not be accepted.


-- not rely on props, costumes, make-up or any other technical elements.  Use a simple straight chair only.

-- not contain material or language that others might find offensive. Additionally, select a character close to your own age and one that does not require a dialect.  Please also avoid monologues that you or your teacher know to be overdone (Our Town, Brighton Beach Memoirs, St. Joan, Promedy, or other Wade Bradford pieces).

Special Skill (1 video, max 60 seconds)
If you choose, you can include a video demonstrating a special skill.  

Personal Question (1 video, max 90 seconds)
Please provide the answer to the following question in video form:

Tell us something significant that has happened in your life and shaped who you are as a person.

Guidelines for Recording Your Monologue, Special Skill and Personal Question Videos

-- Record your answer in a clearly defined interior space with a neutral background that is free of 
   creases and breaks.

-- Shoot straight on, leaving the camera in one location.

Media Submission Requirements for All Videos

-- Save and name your links individually as “monologue_ last name,” "special skill_last name" and "personal question_last name".

-- Upload each file separately and in the correct space provided.

-- When uploading, be sure to upload any videos to your computer first and verify that image is upright (not sideways) and plays smoothly.

Additional Tips

These are tips; meant to be suggestions on how to better prepare and present your GSA pre-screen, and if selected, finalist audition. They are NOT eligibility requirements for admittance to GSA.


  • Do not use a monologue that is not from a complete play. If you find a monologue on the internet and the site does not name the source of the play, it is most likely not from a complete work and is not to be used.
  • Be sure to read the play and develop your intellectual understanding of the words, syntax and meaning of your selected monologue.
  • Memorize the lines accurately and thoroughly; rehearse the monologue until you feel absolutely confident to play it easily.
  • Be sure to support your voice with breath in order to create a supported sound and enunciate your words when you speak.
  • Develop your physical and facial expressiveness as a reflection of the character.
  • Consider practicing mock auditions for your teacher, peers or family members.
  • Be sure to dress appropriately.
  • Remember: be yourself and let your personality shine through.