Criteria For Digital Submission

Musical Theatre


This is how your digital submission materials will be assessed. The work of each student will be given an objective review by the adjudicators as to how they fulfill each of the following criteria:

Vocal Health & Range
The ideal candidate sings and talks with clear onset on the breath and with relaxed larynx and physical stance. Tone is resonance-balanced and the voice moves smoothly from register to register.

Connection of Voice & Text
An applicant selected to be a finalist (forwarded to in person audition) articulates clearly and changes vocal quality with the text, mood and music changes.  They also demonstrate a point of view or in some other way demonstrate personalization of their selections.

Text/Script Analysis & Monologue Performance
A candidate forwarded on to the finalist round (in person audition) performs utilizing objective and tactics to define beats; clearly demonstrating the arc of the monologue.  Physical movement reinforces the objective of the character.

Truthfulness To Character
A GSA finalist utilizes action that is specific and aimed at an identifiable source. The character’s point of view is clearly defined; while the physical and vocal choices are relatable and reinforce action.