Prepare Your Digital Submission

Musical Theatre


Your art form specific digital submission must include:

-- Monologue 
-- Songs 
-- Personal Question

The following are requirements for the application to Musical Theatre.

You should submit the following for your Musical Theatre digital submission.

Monologue (1 video, 60 seconds)

Begin your monologue portion by introducing yourself and your monologue. Your monologue must be 1 minute in length (and no longer).  Your monologue:

  • must be memorized
  • should be from a scripted play and not a musical theatre work
  • ·needs to be suitable for family viewing
  • it is recommended that you NOT portray a character of middle or advanced age, or a character speaking with a dialect. You should select a character relatively close to your age or similar to your life-experience.
  • The audition piece should not rely on props, costumes, make-up, or any other technical elements. A simple straight chair can be used if needed.

Songs (1 video, 21 bars per song or complete musical thought)

You will perform 21 bars each of two songs.  Begin your song portion by introducing yourself and your songs.  Each song must not exceed 21 bars but must also be a complete musical thought. Your two songs:

  • must be memorized
  • need to be suitable for family viewing
  • should come from musical theatre works
  • one must be a ballad and one up-tempo
  • both pieces should not be from the same musical

One song should come from a contemporary musical, 1970 or later—e.g. A
Little Night  Music, Song and Dance, Little Shop of Horrors, Secret Garden, etc.,


One from  a standard musical, anything written before 1970s–e.g. Guys and
Dolls, South  Pacific, Oklahoma, Bye, Bye Birdie, etc.  These are just a few examples
of the many possibilities you can use for your selection.

It does not matter which style is an up-tempo and which is a ballad.

Song Accompaniment

You must provide live accompaniment for your songs video. Recorded accompaniment and accompanying oneself is not permitted. 

Personal Question (1 video, max 90 seconds)

In addition to your monologue and songs, please provide the answer to the following question in your video:

 Tell us something significant that has happened in your life and shaped who you are as a person.

Additional Tips

 These tips are suggestions. They are NOT eligibility requirements for admittance to GSA.

  • Choose music that best showcases your voice.
  • Be sure to understand the context of your songs. Again, understand the words and range of emotion needed for the characters of your songs.
  • Select a monologue that is age-appropriate, from a full length play and most importantly, one which provides you with a sense of connection to the material.
  • Be sure to read the entire play (not just your selected monologue) and develop your intellectual understanding of the words, syntax, and meaning of your monologue
  • Memorize accurately and thoroughly. Rehearse the monologue and songs until you feel absolutely confident to perform them easily.
  • Develop your physical and facial expressiveness as a reflection of the character, as well as speaking voice.

Guidelines for Recording Your Videos

-- Record in a clearly defined interior space with a neutral background that is free of 
   creases and breaks.
-- Shoot straight on, leaving the camera in one location.
-- There is to be no editing, no splicing of any kind.  A clock must be present in the background during
    the duration of your video. Adherence to time constraints for each portion of the video is mandatory. 
   Submissions which do not adhere will not be reviewed.

Media Submission Requirements for All Videos

-- Save and name your file as “mtdigitalsubmission_ last name,”

-- Upload the file in the correct space provided.

-- When uploading, be sure to upload the video to your computer first and verify that image is upright
   (not sideways) and plays smoothly.