Criteria For Digital Submission

Film + Photography


The work of each student will be given an objective review by the adjudicators as to how they fulfill each of the following criteria:

Use of Formal Visual Elements/Concepts & Video Components
Using color, line, value, texture, shape, space and form along with sound, time, framing and narrative (if work is video), to fully communicate ideas of the applicant.

Compositional Principles
Utilizing balance, contrast, rule of thirds, orientation, perspective, pattern and framing within a fully composed work to demonstrate an understanding and proficiency in Film + Photography organizational principles.

Technical Components
The competency to impart the idea of a piece through technical proficiency such as ISO; shutter speed, apertures, sound, editing, photo manipulation, video production etc. In other words, technical craft.

Artistic Voice & Originality
The GSA Film + Photography applicant who is selected as a finalist will approach art from a personal background or experience with specific imagery and/or sound from their own world view. Individual style and perspective are evident and consistent across the portfolio.

Storytelling & Narrative Choices
The story within a piece utilizes principles consistently complex in construction and clearly conveys the artist’s intention.