Criteria for Digital Submission

Visual Art

The work of each student will be given an objective review by the adjudicators as to how they fulfill each of the following criteria:

Use of Formal Elements
The ability at which a student can distinguish successful use of line, value, shapes, forms, space, color, and texture; while creating meaning utilizing these concepts.

The level of integration in compositions of balance, contrast, movement, emphasis and proportion.  The ideal applicant uses compositional conventions to create meaningful work.

Skills & Techniques
The appearance of the rigor in which technique and quality are present in the work. The consideration for using a variety of; and techniques which these different media require.

Crafstmanship and Sensitivity to Materials/Media
The utilization of craftsmanship to resolve artmaking; deliberate choices in technical craft, materials and/or media.

Originality or Creative Voice
Approaching art work from a personal background or experience.