Criteria for In Person Audition or Review

Visual Art

Each applicant will have up to 8 minutes  to discuss their portfolio with the adjudicators. This is an opportunity for the student to express the qualities of their visual work verbally.  There will also be a short interview component to the review.

In-Person Review Portfolio Criteria
The in person review portfolio will be reviewed utilizing the same criteria as the digital submission. Additionally, the adjudicators will be interested in how the applicant presents their work through:

Expanded Strength of Concepts & Composition
Competency in conveying a concise narrative or description about the ideas behind selected pieces; answering questions pertaining to how and why selected pieces were created.

Expanded Strength of Sensitivity to Materials, Processes, Tools & Technical Craft
Competency in conveying the effects of utilized skills or techniques on overall work.

Expanded Originality
An ability to distinguish work that is not just a derivative of an assignment.  Originality is assessed in the pieces themselves, the applicant’s descriptions of those pieces and answers to follow up questions by the adjudicators.  The applicant cites progression of their own imagery over the course of time from original influences to current explorations.