Visual Art Finalist Reviews

Prepare to Review In Person

Students recommended to review in person will be notified by February 28

In-Person Reviews will be held March 24 & 25 at Centre College in Danville.

Here’s what to expect in the review.

The In Person Visual Art portfolio will consist of the same works as the Digital Submission. Please bring your entire Digital Submission (in physical form) with you to your review. You will receive specific instructions for set-up of your work in the review space upon arriving and will have 2 minutes to complete set up.

Labels For Art Work
Label each piece included in the portfolio with your name, school and approximate date of completion.

Labels for 2D Work should be placed on the back of each work.

Labels for 3D Work if not placed on the back, can be a gallery tag. Use paper, card stock or foam core to create a label that can be displayed beside your work.

While it was not necessary to mat your works for the Digital Submission, the same works presented during the In Person Review will need to be matted.

 For 2D work—traditional matting is not required.

Seek help from an art instructor or your local frame or hobby/craft shop.  If you don’t choose to mat your work traditionally, it must still be mounted to a support.  A support of contrasting color works best.  Some examples of usable materials include: recycled cardboard, construction paper, card stock, poster board or foam core.

For 3D work -- it is not required that 3D work or paintings on canvas be framed, matted or mounted in any way.

Reference Materials/Images
Just as in the Digital Submission, if any of your works are derived from the work of another or from a photograph, the original image must be included. You can place the reference image next to the work.

Large Work Or Work You No Longer Possess
You may submit digital or printed color (un-matted) photographs only when a work is not available to you any longer or if it is impractical or difficult to transport. If bringing digital photos, you will need to provide a mechanism to showcase your photos (tablet, laptop or other mobile device).

Sketchbook or Box
Please bring a current sketchbook or 3D art box with you to your review. These items should be a current reflection of your visual journal which detail your brainstorming and creative process. Please note that your sketchbook or box does not fulfill the requirement of a portfolio piece.