Prepare Your Digital Submission

Visual Art

Your art form specific digital submission must include:

-- Portfolio (9 works uploaded in video, image or document files)
-- Portfolio cover sheet (document file)
-- Photo documentation of 5 sketchbook or artbox pages
-- Personal Question Video (video file)


Your Visual Art portfolio should consist of 9 total works.

 3 Required Portfolio Pieces

--an object study (still life)

--a portrait or self-portrait

--an environment (landscape)

ONE of the required works must be in graphite pencil only.

Charcoal, pen & ink, colored pencils, or mixed media can be used to complete the other 2 required drawings.

Drawing from photographs may not be substituted for any of these three required submissions, they must be created from direct observation of yourself and your surroundings.

Digital Illustration works may not be submitted for the 3 required drawings but may be submitted as part of the 6 Remaining Portfolio Pieces.

6 Remaining Portfolio Pieces

The remaining pieces can be selected by the applicant, but should try to include a variety of mediums and subject matter—including 3D work if possible.

  • If any of your remaining 6 portfolio pieces are derived from another work or photograph, please submit an image of the reference material, crediting the original artist (where applicable). 
  • If any of your remaining 6 portfolio pieces are 3D works, please submit up to 3 images from different angles.  You may submit up to 24 images total for your 6 remaining portfolio pieces if necessary.

Sketchbook or Box

Please submit 5 photos of pages from your sketchbook or objects from your box.  These items should be a current reflection of your visual journal which detail your brainstorming and creative process. Please note that your sketchbook or box does not fulfill the requirement of a portfolio piece.

Cover Sheet

The cover sheet should outline all portfolio pieces uploaded as part of your digital submission.  For each work, please include the following:

Title of Work
Year of Completion
Approximate Dimensions
A Brief Sentence Describing Your Role In The Work's Creation

Personal Question (1 video, 90 seconds)

One additional piece to add to your portfolio & sketchbook/box is the personal question video.

Please provide the answer to the following question in video form:

Tell us something significant that has happened in your life and shaped who you are as a person.

Guidelines for Recording Your Personal Question Video

-- Record your answer in a clearly defined interior space with a neutral background that is free of 
   creases and breaks.

-- Shoot straight on, leaving the camera in one location.

Media Submission Requirements for Digital Submission

-- Save and name your files individually as “title of piece_ last name,” "coversheet_last name" and
   "personal question_last name". For multiple files detailing 1 work or idea (such as multiple angles of 
    a 3D piece or pages of the sketchbook/artbox), please number your files as "sketchbook1_last
    name" or "title of piece2_last name".

-- Upload each file separately and in the correct space provided.

-- When uploading, be sure to upload any files or videos to your computer first and verify that the image
    is upright (not sideways). Make sure any video plays smoothly.

Additional Tips

These tips are suggestions. They are NOT eligibility requirements for GSA.

  • Include work completed outside of school/school projects when possible.
  • Incorporate recent work in your portfolio.
  • Be sure to pay attention to the presentation of your pieces.  Include only finished work.
  • Your sketchbook/box can be filled with photographs, collages, cut outs, personal reflections and other kinds of writing or printed matter.
  • Diversify your portfolio with a mix of mediums
  • If you haven’t already, begin to think about what makes your work distinctly yours.