Prepare To Audition In Person

Vocal Music

Students recommended to audition in person will be notified by February 28

In-Person Reviews will be held March 24 & 25 at Centre College in Danville.

Here’s what to expect in the audition.

Prepared Solo
Even though this will be the same selection as your digital submission, please introduce yourself and your solo. Your solo may be interrupted at any time at the discretion of the judges.

An accompanist is provided at the audition site.  You must use the provided accompanist. Recorded accompaniment, acappella selections and accompanying oneself are not allowed. Please provide 3 total copies of your music: 2 for both adjudicators and the 1 for the accompanist.
For the copy of music provided to the accompanist, music must be:  

  • in the correct key
  • All audition music must be two-sided copies, three-hole punched, and placed in a three-ring binder. Make sure that the entire accompaniment is clearly copied to the page and all cuts are clearly marked. Music may be placed in non-glare protective sleeves if you choose.

Sight-Singing & Pitch Memory Exercise
Finalists will participate in a sight-singing exercise furnished by the GSA adjudicators.  Additionally, finalists will participate in a pitch memory exercise.  In this exercise, a series of notes will be played for you by the accompanist and you will be asked to sing the notes back at the correct pitches, unaccompanied.

There will also be a short interview with the adjudicators.

Additional Tips

These tips are suggestions. They are NOT eligibility requirements for GSA.

  • For the finalist audition, be prepared to pass on any notes to the accompanist regarding tempo, repeats, etc.
  • Be prepared to talk about your experience in music—school/church choir, ensembles, private studies, etc.
  • Be prepared to talk about why you are passionate about music and why you are interested in attending GSA.
  • Be prepared to discuss what you wish to get out of GSA, and what you believe your strengths and weaknesses to be in your singing.
  • Consider practicing mock auditions for your teacher, peers or family members.
  • Wear professional clothing (e.g., dress slacks, shirt, and shoes for men–ties, jackets and suits are not necessary; dresses, skirts, or pants for women), but dress comfortably. Do not overdress or under dress in anything that could cause a distraction from your audition.