Vocal Music


Your art form specific digital submission must include:

-- Prepared Solo Video (video file)
-- Personal Question Video (video file)

The following are requirements for the application to Vocal Music.

You should submit the following for your Vocal Music digital submission.

Prepared Solo
Begin your recorded solo video by introducing yourself and your selection. Your selection:

  • must be between 2-4 minutes in length
  • memorized solos are preferred, but not required
  • The audition piece should be a prepared piece which is the best example of your performance without being excessively simple. Selections need not be in a foreign language.
  • Your selection should be an artsong, folksong, aria or hymn. Vocal percussion and rap or hip hop selections will not be reviewed.

All singers must utilize an accompanist for their video recording.Recorded accompaniment, acappella selections and accompanying oneself are not allowed.

Personal Question (1 video, max 90 seconds)
In addition to your prepared solo, please provide the answer to the following question in video form:

 Tell us something significant that has happened in your life and shaped who you are as a person.


Additional Tips

 These tips are suggestions. They are NOT eligibility requirements for admittance to GSA.

  • Choose a solo suited to your current ability. GSA highly recommends candidates choose solo selections in Italian or English. French and German sometimes demand young singers to make sounds and vowel choices that may compromise sound quality.
  • Operatic arias by composers such as Puccini, Menotti and other 20th century composers are really better suited for collegiate singers, so please choose wisely.
  • For your solo, make certain that you are prepared to explain either a translation or give a brief synopsis of the events described in the song. If selected for an in person audition you may be asked to do so.
  • Develop expressiveness and passion in your singing.
  • Practice to develop good intonation; consider recording yourself and listening for that.
  • Practice sight-singing! Sight-singing may be performed on any syllable of the singers choosing.
  • Consider practicing mock auditions for your teacher, peers or family members.
  • Wear professional clothing (e.g., dress slacks, shirt, and shoes for men–ties, jackets and suits are not necessary; dresses, skirts, or pants for women), but dress comfortably. Do not overdress or under dress in anything that could cause a distraction from your digital submission recording.