How To Prepare For Your Art Form

All finalists, no matter what art form are required to do the following:

  • Dress business casual, with comfortable shoes in case you have to walk across campus for your audition or review. Some art forms may require specific attire, so always be sure to consult your art form's applicant guide as well.
  • Plan to arrive at least 45 minutes before your audition/review time. If you need additional time to warm up, please plan accordingly. GSA reserves the right to ask you to audition or review up to thirty minutes prior to your scheduled time. We do not want you to feel rushed, so please be prepared. It is also possible that auditions will run late. We appreciate your flexibility!
  • Check in at the registration table. You will also receive an additional reminder message a week before your audition.
  • You will be asked to fill out a short art form specific questionnaire at registration. You will then submit your questionnaire to the adjudicators at the start of your audition/review. This questionnaire is designed to give the adjudicators an overview of your previous involvement in the arts, along with the level of your interest and commitment.

Depending upon your art form though, your actual audition or review may look a little different. 

  • See the Final Round Requirements section of your art form's applicant guide. You can find your art form's applicant guide below.
  • Pay special attention to the Criteria section of the Applicant Guide.  Some Criteria is for the Final Round only.

View the applicant guide to discover in detail how to prepare for your specific art form. 

2019 Applicant Guides For Each Art Form

Please note: Prepared Excerpts for Instrumental Music and Visual Art Project Prompt Coming Soon!


Summer Program 2019