Digital Submission Requirements


Dance applicants must submit two Ballet videos. These videos are comprised of a short presentation of technique (traditional barre, center floor exercises and pointe work) and one prepared solo.  Requirements for the videos are as follows:

Ballet Technique With Music (Video 1, 3 minutes maximum)

Barre Work
Barre work can be done on one side only, but both sides are preferred. Please include some exercises on demi-pointe, including:

-- tendue battement in fifth en croix

-- battement tendue jeté in fifth en croix

-- rond de jambe à terre

-- rond de jambe en l’air

-- frappé en croix

-- développé en croix

-- grand battement en croix


Center Floor Work
Your video should include several of the following center floor exercises:

-- grand adagio to include développés in each position and promenades

-- pirouettes from fifth and fourth (en dedans and en dehors), to be included in a

   traveling combination

-- petit allegro to include batterie (changements, entrechats, glissade jetés and

   glissade assembles)

-- grand allegro to include tour jetés and grand jetés

-- Men, to include a combination with single or double tours. 

   Women, to include a combination from corner with piqués and chaînés

Pointe Work (Female Applicants Only)
You are not required to dance en pointe in order to audition for GSA. Please only include pointe work in your video if you have had ample training (2 years minimum) and possess sufficient technical strength/development. If you wish to include pointe work, your video should include the following:

-- one combination with pirouettes, échappés, passé relevés and relevés (two

   feet to one foot and single leg relevés)

Ballet Prepared Solo With Music (Video 2, 90 seconds maximum)

Your 2nd video should consist of a prepared classical solo piece or variation of your choice.  In your video, please clearly indicate the name of the piece, the ballet it is from and the choreographer.

Note: This variation or solo does not have to be newly choreographed. You may use and credit choreography you learn from teachers or videos.


Apparel for Ballet

All dancers must wear a color that is in contrast to the background of the video. Costumes, rehearsal tutus, skirts, jewelry, and warm up clothes are not permitted.


Pink or skin-toned tights

Leotard in a contrasting color from video background

Soft ballet slippers, pointe shoes only for pointe work

Long hair secured in a bun, hair in general pulled away from the face



Tights in contrasting color from video background

Leotard or unitard, or tight fitting t-shirt/tank top tucked into tights in contrasting color from video background

Soft ballet shoes

Hair, if long pulled away from the face