Digital Submission Requirements


Dance applicants must submit two Modern videos. These videos are comprised of a short presentation of technique (including Graham, Horton, Limon, and release) and one prepared solo.  Both videos should include movement in place and through space, reveal your technical range, and showcase your expressiveness and musicality.  All portions of your videos must provide evidence of your understanding of modern dance values.  Requirements for the videos are as follows:

Modern Technique (Video 1, 2 minutes maximum)

Exercises can be performed to one side only, but video should showcase both sides equally. Please include the following in your video:

One or more phrases showing knowledge of weight, momentum, and the body’s relationship to gravity through floorwork.

 The exercise should reveal the dancer’s ability to:

-- support weight on different body parts

-- efficiently release weight into the floor

-- employ pathways that move the body safely into and out of the floor

-- fall and recovery


Spine, Torso and Arm Exercise
A largely axial movement sequence with integrated spine, torso, and arm movements.

The exercise should include:

 -- movement of the head and articulation of the torso in varied ways including

   spirals, curves, arches, tilts, contractions, and release

-- movement should show shift of weight and off balance movement

-- movement should also reveal coordination of head and torso using sequential use

   of back


Leg and Foot Exercise
An axial or locomotive exercise that demonstrates rhythmic use of the legs and feet, as well as the student’s understanding of alignment and placement.

The exercise should include:

 -- work in parallel and rotation

-- footwork that emphasizes speed and articulation of the feet, ankles and knees

-- legwork that shows strength and control (developpés, full-bodied tilts,

   promenades, etc.)

-- legwork that involves momentum and challenges the body’s ability to stabilize (leg

   swings, battements, etc.)


A locomotive exercise featuring a series of elevated weight shifts from one foot to the other, one foot to the same foot and both feet leaving the ground and landing at the same time.

The exercise should include:

-- a range of small and large jumps employed in different tempos

-- landings and take-offs that safely mobilize the weight of the body into and

   out of the floor via the legs and feet

-- clear alignment of the spine throughout jump sequence

-- coordinated use of the head, torso, and arms is encouraged, but not



A sequence that presents both locomotive and axial movements, geared to fuse the dancer’s artistry and technical prowess.

The exercise should include:

 -- movements featuring a variety of speeds

-- movement in all levels, ranging from floorwork to jumps

-- changes of direction and specific pathways in space

-- a range of dynamics

-- evidence of artistry through musicality and phrasing choices


    • Each of the bolded sections above should make up one movement combination which encompasses elements listed underneath. These 5 combinations may be spliced together to create your up to 2-minute video. Get creative about how to combine the movement elements.
    • If any terms above are unfamiliar to you, try researching online to expand your vocabulary.
    • If you are unfamiliar with modern warm up and class movements, try researching online for modern dance resources. Some good search terms to use include “modern dance class warm up”, “modern dance technique”, “Cunningham technique class”, “Martha Graham across the floor”, “Horton floor work”, and “Limon dance technique”. Be sure to mix up the combinations of these searches and use reputable dance company videos as source material.


    Modern Prepared Solo (Video 2, 90 seconds maximum)

    A prepared modern solo, choreographed by you or another choreographer. Your solo should showcase your range as a technician and your artistry as a performer within the modern dance vernacular. Recordings of competition solos will not be considered. In your video, please clearly indicate the name of the piece and the choreographer.

    Note: You do not need an outside choreographer to complete this requirement. Try exploring your own choreography by assembling movements you already know. Choose music that inspires you and draw from subject matter meaningful to you so that your unique style is evident.


     Apparel for Modern

     All Dancers must wear a color that is in contrast to the background of the video.  Costumes, rehearsal tutus, skirts, jewelry, and warm up clothes are not permitted.

    Leotard, unitard or biketard in a contrasting color from video background
    Pink or skin-toned footless tights or tight fitting bike shorts in a contrasting color from video background
    No shoes or socks
    Long hair secured in a bun or ponytail, hair in general pulled away from the face


    Leotard or unitard or tight fitting shirt in contrasting color from video background

    Footless Tights or bike shorts in contrasting color from video background

    No shoes or socks

    Hair, if long pulled away from the face