Application Guide & Glossary of Terms

Updated 10/2018

The road to becoming a GSA Summer Program student is based in two rounds: the
Preliminary Round and the Final Round.
Below you will find details on the parts of each round and a glossary of frequently used terminology.

Preliminary Round

  • Online Application via Acceptd
  • All applicants will complete the Preliminary Round

Application via Acceptd
The initial step every interested student takes. An applicant will complete the following:


  1. General student info
  2. Art form requirements (different for each art form)
  3. Personal question short essay
  4. Personal question video
  5. 1 teacher recommendation
  6. 1 administrator recommendation

Students may apply in up to 2 art forms.
In this instance -- each art form is considered an application. For Instrumental Music students only -- two instruments qualify as two separate applications (except Percussion, which counts as 1 Instrumental Music application).

-In February GSA will post the names of students moving on to the Final Round online
-All students will receive an email confirmation of their results


Final Round 

  • Audition or Review in Danville, KY in March    
  • Only students who are invited as finalists will complete the Final Round

Audition or Review 

A student who advances past the Preliminary Round application is invited to an in-person audition or portfolio review at Centre College in Danville, KY.  Specific requirements will be posted about how to prepare for each art form on that art form’s respective page. Specific audition and review times are scheduled by GSA administration.

-In April, GSA will post the names of Summer Program Accepted and Alternate Students online
-All students will receive an email or mail confirmation

A student who advances past the preliminary round is deemed a finalist.  
The finalist list will be posted on GSA’s website in February.

Applicant Guide
The document which details an art form's application and final round requirements, criteria and provides tips. Available on each art form's page and elsewhere on the GSA website.

Art Form Requirements
What’s necessary to submit for each art form in the Preliminary Application Round and Final Round of Auditions or Reviews. This can consist of images, videos, etc. View your art form’s requirements here.


The specific guide to how the Preliminary and Final rounds will be judged in each art form. Knowing the criteria the adjudicators will use can help you prepare.


The best practices and helpful hints on preparing your art form requirement materials and skills.


The digital platform that administers GSA’s online application system.


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